More pictures from our trip to the Morinda Convention 2001 in Salt Lake City


From the Convention - April 17-21 2001

Ed on Stage

Here's US Country manager Joe Morton introducing Ed and Irma, to speak for all the new Black Pearls from last year.

First Irma (8 1/2 months pregnant) got to talk. Notice just to Ed's left is Jose Miguel and Luz, and the founders to their right.


Ed & Irma on Stage

Here you see Ed, speaking on behalf of the new Black Pearls. He thanked God, Morinda, his Upline, and his Downline and got a rousing ovation from everyone.
The Party on the Last Evening

Here's Larry and JoAnna at the big celebration gala on the last night.


Ed Larry JoAnna

Also taken at the gala with Ed.

And here are Colleen, JoAnna, and Patti, all dressed to party.

Colleen JoAnna Patti


And here's Colleen and JoAnna making the day of one of our downline's Sons.
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