Pictures from our trip to the Morinda Convention 2000 in Orlando Florida - June 2000


From the Convention - June 28-July 01 2000

Ed Larry JoseMiguel

Here's Edgardo Valdivieso, Larry, and Jose Miguel Undurraga.  These two guys are among the best leaders in network marketing, and together we represent the biggest downline in Mexico for Morinda.

And here's Debby and Steve Gray, our personal sponsors in Morinda. Steve and Debby are Triple Diamond Pearl and Black Pearl distributors with Morinda.

Steve & Debby

Our Upline Here is our sponsorship upline all the way to the company.  From the left it's Kelly Olsen (VP of Marketing at Morinda), Ken Roland (Morinda's top money earner), Steve Gray & Bob Bourke (who work as partners), Larry Lands, Edgardo Valdivieso, and Jose Miguel Undurraga.

Ed Jose Miguel & Alejandro

Here receiving recognition as Elite Diamond Pearls are Alejandro Santa Cruz, Jose Miguel, and Irma and Ed with Morinda founder Stephen Story.

and Here's Alejandro and Jose Miguel on stage with Stephen Story.



Here on stage with the other Diamond Pearl Elite members are my guys!

And here, on stage receiving recognition as Triple Diamond Pearls are Irma, Ed, and Jose Miguel with the Morinda Founders.

Ed & Jose


On the right is Alejandro with John Wadsworth.
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