Pictures from Jennifer's Graduation - May 2001

0640 Jens Graduation Pan 1-w.jpg (30942 bytes)

Here you see the graduating class filing into the OU stadium on an overly warm May day.

0641 Jens Graduation Pan 2-w.jpg (65732 bytes)

And here they all are seated.  The family was a little cooler up in the shade of the upper deck.

0647 Side view-w.jpg (30629 bytes)

0649 Jen walking off stage-w.jpg (28890 bytes)

That's DOCTOR Jennifer to you!


0655 Jen JoAnna Cavan 1-w.jpg (27782 bytes)

Here's Jennifer with Cavan and his Grandma JoAnna.

A smiling Grandmother.

0656 JoAnna Cavan-w.jpg (31538 bytes)

0659 Jen cutting cake-w.jpg (31286 bytes)

Cavan watches impatiently as Jen cuts the cake.

0665 JoAnna Cavn-w.jpg (25041 bytes)

More with Grandma
0667 Cavan JoAnna smiling-w.jpg (29852 bytes)

0675 Jen Pat-w.jpg (15874 bytes)

Here's Pat and Jennifer with their friend Dom (Peringnon).

And here's Dan and Warren with Cavan,

0670 Cavan Dan inside-w.jpg (16755 bytes)

0671 Miguel-w.jpg (17226 bytes)

and Miguel watching on.
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